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School Support Solutions can deliver a wide range of courses to individual schools or clusters of schools. Below are the outlines for the courses which are currently available however, many can be combined or tailored to suit the specific needs of your school or cluster. The courses can be delivered as half or full-day sessions.

If you are interested in booking a course, or you would like to discuss the training needs of your staff, please email If you are willing to host a course at your school, significant discounts are available.

Effective feedback to improve outcome for pupils

The Sutton Trust and Education Endowment Foundation have proven that feedback is the most effective way to raise standards and improve outcomes for pupils. This course looks at how school staff can use marking and feedback to rapidly raise standards for all pupils.

Develop effective feedback strategies

Use Assessment for Learning as an aid to effective planning and teaching

Find ways of making written feedback effective and manageable

Use feedback to encourage higher order thinking skills

Using assessment effectively in the classroom to raise standards

Assessing pupils accurately is crucial if they are going to achieve their potential. In light of ‘assessment without levels’, this course will support primary school teachers in gathering, analysing and understanding data to raise standards and improve outcomes for children.

Understand the language of assessment

The principles and application of formative and summative assessment

Measuring pupils’ progress, day to day, term by term and over time

Analysing whole class data and planning for improvement

Preparing for pupil progress meetings

Planning for progress in the primary school

This course will ensure that teachers use the plan, teach, review cycle to develop best practice. Full of practical strategies and tips to support teachers in planning effectively and efficiently.

Prioritising the key elements of planning

Creating effective learning objectives and success criteria

Planning for progress and deep learning

Evaluating your teaching and pupils’ learning as part of the planning process

‘On behalf of each and every one of us at St Andrew’s: a HUGE thank you for all that you shared with us during our INSET day. We have all been buzzing about it since; I’ve had emails flying in through the weekend saying how valuable it was for individuals. You pitched it perfectly and this will form a brilliant basis for conversations and expectations as we go forward. Thank you.’

Headteacher of St. Andrew’s C of E Primary School

Teaching with impact

This course is full of practical tips for planning, marking and assessing which will have a positive impact on outcome for pupils in primary schools.

Understand the ‘Principles of Instruction’

Use Assessment for Learning as an aid to effective planning and teaching

High impact use of additional adults in the classroom

Find ways of making written feedback effective and manageable

Use effective questioning techniques to elicit information about learners’ knowledge and understanding

Evaluating your teaching and pupils’ learning

Leadership and management skills for effective middle leaders

This course offers a range of practical suggestions for middle managers and key stage leaders to help them organise and manage systems, lead others and think strategically. It will look at the challenges and opportunities of middle leadership, including time and change management.

Understanding the role of a middle leader

Managing organisational change

Develop strategies to lead and manage your team effectively

Effective time management

Little and often – high impact strategies for effective school improvement

This course offers practical strategies for school leaders to ensure that high quality, frequent monitoring activities take place which will promote school improvement and feed into the school’s self-evaluation system.

Understanding what constitutes effective monitoring

Organising monitoring activities for school staff and governors to participate in

Ensuring outcomes of monitoring tasks are acted upon which will have a positive impact upon pupil progress

Effective time management

‘The information was really useful and knowing what exactly to monitor, with some example examples of how to do it, is invaluable.’

Headteacher of St. James and Ebrington School

‘This course was very beneficial for me as a Head in a new school.’

Headteacher of Blockley C of E Primary Academy

Facilitating Learning for Early Career Practitioners

This course has been designed for teachers in the first to third year of their career to help improve aspects of their teaching, thus ensuring high outcomes for children. The aim of the course is to encourage teachers to reflect on their current practice, identify areas requiring development and, with support, begin to make adjustments to improve teaching and learning. The course consists of 4 separate half-day sessions, all of which have been designed to be flexible, which will ensure the needs of the delegates are met. The delegates are given strategies to try out in between each session to improve their teaching. Time is allocated at the end of each session for individuals to seek support, guidance and advice from the course facilitators as well as the other delegates.

‘The experience and advice of the course leaders was fantastic. The course covered all aspects of teaching in depth and provided useful tips and notes to help focus my teaching practice whilst making life easier.’

Mr K. Bramley

‘All of the sessions have been really useful and have focused on real experiences and what works. The discussion with others and the sharing of experiences has been really important in helping me with new ways to tackle things and increasing my teaching knowledge. Thank you, you’ve been really helpful.’

Miss E. Young

‘The SEND session was very useful in improving my knowledge and how to tackle intervention time. I particularly enjoyed networking and sharing good ideas and best practice. It’s always helpful to have ‘top-tips’ from experts in the field!’

Dr F. Regan

Bespoke Courses

School Support Solutions will devise courses to suit the needs of individual schools or clusters of schools. Please email or phone 07940 577007 to discuss your requirements.