EduSuite Professional Development Portfolio (PDP)

The Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) allows you to create a comprehensive portfolio of all the professional development activities you have undertaken, within and beyond EduSuite.

Every subscriber has access to their own, individual PDP, which can be kept private or shared with others, such as the person who carries out your appraisal.

You access your individual PDP, go to your account via the user icon in the navigation bar and select ‘dashboard‘.


What is a Professional Development Portfolio?

The Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) allows you to create a comprehensive record of all the professional development activities you have undertaken, within and beyond EduSuite.  For example, you can record your attendance at one of our live EduChats, or a first aid course you may have attended in person. You can also include any podcasts you have listened to, videos you have watched (including our training modules) or journal articles you have read.

How is the PDP different to a training log?

The PDP is much more than a list of training courses you have attended. It has been created to encourage you to set actions and record the impact of the professional development you have undertaken. The PDP will form a comprehensive dialogue of the work you have undertaken to develop yourself professionally. It will help you to prove the impact of the training, wider reading, action research and so on.

Who can see my PDP?

Just you, unless you choose to share some or all of your professional development goals. The default setting is private to you. However, you might want to share some aspects of the PDP with the person who is involved with your appraisal, coaching or performance management. You have full control over who sees your PDP. You can grant other people access to your PDP and then revoke their access at the touch of a button.

Do I need a PDP?

We would recommend that everyone in school would benefit from using the PDP. Not only will it help with your appraisals, you will build a comprehensive picture of your continuing professional development. This will be valuable when seeking new roles.

Can anyone use the PDP?

Yes. It is up to each individual user to decide whether they want to use the PDP facility within EduSuite. If you are in a school that subscribes to the premium package, you will automatically be able to access the PDP through your personal dashboard. Click the DASHBOARD button in the top navigation bar and then scroll down the page, or click PDP in the ‘quick links’ tab.

Can I save or print my PDP?

Yes. You can save or print your PDP by clicking the PRINT button. Then click [ctrl] and [p], select the printer you wish to use, or choose ‘save as pdf’.

Will I still have access to my PDP if the school stops subscribing to EduSuite?

Yes. You will be able to download and save your PDP if the school decides not to resubscribe to EduSuite. However, you will not be able to access your PDP through EduSuite.