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Headteacher Update Podcast: Managing school budgets and finance

24 May 2024

This episode considers how primary schools can balance their budgets, raise funds, and make the most of limited financial resources, offering a range of ideas and tips for income generation…

Play and the opportunity in primary schools

23 May 2024

Play has long been the domain of early years and the playground. Join Rethinking Curriculum to explore how the power of play can impact curriculum across the primary school and…

KS2: submitting teacher assessment data

22 May 2024

The guidance explaining how to submit teacher assessment (TA) data for pupils at the end of key stage 2 has been updated for 2023/24. Teacher assessment data must be reported…

A school’s guide to implementation

21 May 2024

The Education Endowment Foundation has published updated evidence-based guidance to support schools in implementing change effectively. An educational approach or idea may seem great in principle, but what really matters…

RSHE update consultation

20 May 2024

The Department for Education (DfE) is consulting on proposed changes to its RSHE guidance for schools, following a review into the content by the DfE and an independent panel of experts. The consultation…

School music development plan template

20 May 2024

The DfE has created a template to support schools to publish a summary of their music development plan on their website. All schools should have a music development plan, as…

DfE: ‘Moments Matter, Attendance Counts’ school feedback survey

19 May 2024

Give your feedback by filling in this short survey about the recent national attendance campaign 'Moments Matter, Attendance Counts'. As part of the Department for Education's ‘Moments Matter, Attendance Counts’…

What is school ‘refusal’?

18 May 2024

This animation has been developed as a tool to help school staff and other professionals better understand the complexity of school 'refusal'.  School is not my enemy: an artistic visualization…

Welcome to the First Mathematics Challenge

17 May 2024

The First Mathematics Challenge (FMC) has been specifically created to give all pupils, UK and worldwide aged between 7-9, the opportunity to take part in a fun Mathematical Challenge.  The Challenge…

A headteacher’s guide to Maths Hubs

16 May 2024

There are 40 Maths Hubs, and they cover the whole of England. You are already ‘in’ a Maths Hub, even if you haven’t yet been in touch or accessed any…

Improving behaviour in schools

15 May 2024

DfE resources to support schools and trusts in developing, implementing and maintaining a whole-school behaviour culture. These resources support schools to implement a behaviour policy that creates a school culture…

Geographical model making competition

14 May 2024

The Geographical Association is running a new competition for pupils to get involved and explore their creativity and geographical knowledge by creating a 3D model. The theme is 'My Local…

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