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Educators know that reading is the gateway to all learning. Research shows that the will to read influences the skill and vice-versa. Worryingly, the National Literacy Trust reports the lowest levels of reading for pleasure since 2005, with boys and pupils on free school meals representing particular cause for concern. Reading for pleasure pedagogy needs careful planning, and, as with any area of the curriculum, it needs to be properly monitored and evaluated, not just at the year’s end with a quick survey.

This staff meeting starter encourages teaching staff to think about and discuss how evidence-based the school’s reading for pleasure approach is, and whether texts are relevant to pupils’ social, emotional, and cultural lives.

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Premium subscribers can access a training module on Ofsted’s research review into English, specifically the aspects relating to reading. This module covers text complexity and progression in comprehension, effective pedagogy and the importance of literary knowledge. This video would be useful for primary reading/English leaders as well as any members of staff who teach reading.

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