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Teaching is an amazing profession that provides achievements and exhaustion in equal measures. Whilst there are undoubtably a host of rewards, the jobs list can appear endless, and there are many demands on our time. Many teaching staff try to save rest and relaxation time until the weekend – or worse still, school holidays – which could lead to exhaustion or total burnout. We need to take responsibility for our self-care to ensure our wellbeing remains at a good level, enabling us to be resilient and bounce back if difficulties arise.

This staff meeting starter encourages staff to share tips and ideas for self-care and managing time and workload.

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In our training module on managing your workload, we share a range of strategies to assist you in managing your workload effectively and efficiently. You will be encouraged to complete the wellbeing wheel and consider using the A B C of stress management to help you manage your workload and know when to ask for support. Premium subscribers can access this training module from the ‘self optimisation’ page.

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