Why perseverance is key when helping your child learn to read

30 September 2022

The Chief Inspector of Ofsted is Amanda Spielman. Read the blog she has written for ParentKind about supporting your child with learning to read. As a parent, helping your child…

Five Ways to Secure Progress Through Modelling

22 September 2022

A central feature of an instructional teaching process is for a teacher to show their students how to do something so that they can then do it themselves. This applies…

The challenge of teaching sustainability issues

21 September 2022

Sustainability and environmental issues are never far from the news these days. Bush fires, drought, extreme heat, flooding – these are all now acknowledged by scientists to be evidence of…

Podcast: Reading and literacy across the primary school

29 June 2022

This podcast episode from Headteacher Update looks at how primary schools can teach reading well and considers the components of effective whole-school reading (and literacy) strategies, looking at how to…

The power of music to change lives: a national plan for music education

28 June 2022

The national plan for music education sets out the government’s vision to enable all children and young people in England to: learn to sing, play an instrument and create music…

New mentalization-based curriculum: free seminar

20 June 2022

Join the Anna Freud Centre and UCL for a free seminar on Monday 4th July, 4:30 - 6:00 pm to find out about a new mentalization-based curriculum for education professionals. The…

Is play-based learning compatible with retrieval practice for primary schools?

17 June 2022

There sometimes seems to be this unspoken battle between play-based learning and retrieval practice. Some teachers' perception of retrieval is that is best for older pupils, as it links more…

The Expertise Reversal Effect, scaffolding support, and how to do it

12 May 2022

Cognitive Load Theory is a highly popular concept in education, with many teachers using its principles in the classroom. Find out more about Cognitive Load theory by accessing our training module: Cognitive…

How to use retrieval practice effectively in the classroom

4 May 2022

Retrieval practice, the process of generating an answer to a question, is one of the most effective learning strategies. There are many different ways to implement it in the classroom…

Assuming – the enemy of the effective classroom

23 April 2022

Blake Harvard explores how assumptions, from both teachers and pupils, can harm learning. He shares a few areas, both from the pupil and teacher’s point of view, where assumption negatively…

Why longer waits times might transform learning

20 April 2022

When teaching, every second counts. But what if having a few extra seconds of silence meant that your pupils were more engaged and participated more often? Well, that is exactly…

Why focus on reading fluency?

5 April 2022

Ensuring every child has the necessary skills they need to read is an essential component of literacy education. It enables children to not only learn across the curriculum but also…

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