Developing maths vocabulary

16 October 2021

One of the key strategies for developing mathematical language is simple: start early. Children in EYFS should be taught key mathematical language using examples with lots of opportunities to say…

Behaviour Management in the Classroom – free webinar

13 October 2021

Hear from Amy Forrester as she shares her key takeaways on behaviour management. This webinar will focus on practical, evidence informed strategies regarding managing behaviour in the classroom. Amy will cover a…

Structure and function of the science curriculum: key insights from Ofsted’s research review

12 October 2021

Ofsted have published a presentation from Jasper Green HMI, the subject lead for science, on the structure and function of the science curriculum. Click here to view or download the…

EEF blog: Working with schemas and why it matters to teachers

11 October 2021

Assistant Headteacher Hydeh Fayaz explains the importance of working with schemas in supporting pupil learning. Findings from cognitive science can offer useful insights for teachers in every classroom. In the…

Ensuring you keep retrieval practice low stakes in the classroom

10 October 2021

A recent research study explored both beneficial and detrimental effects of testing as a learning strategy, wanting to answer the following question: is retrieval practice a double-edged sword? Here’s why it…

Curriculum prioritisation in primary maths

8 October 2021

A term by term framework to support planning and teaching in 2021/22 This resource provides coherent sequencing for the primary maths curriculum. It draws together the DfE guidance on curriculum…

Webinar: Exploring the EEF’s Updated Teaching & Learning Toolkit

6 October 2021

Understanding the most recent updates including accessibility, research and validity of research. Join Staffordshire research school for a free 1 hour, remote session about the updated EEF’s flagship Teaching and Learning…

Thoughtful Questioning: Why Cold Call Is Not Enough

5 October 2021

Cold Calling is the name given to the practice of asking a question and then selecting a child to answer. The theory is that it causes all children to think…

Promoting and supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools and colleges update

28 September 2021

The DfE has updated the following sections of the document: ‘Whole School or College Approach’, ‘Senior mental health leads training’, ‘Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs)’ and ‘Mental health and wellbeing resources’ sections.…

What is deliberate practice?

27 September 2021

Picture the scene – teachers are filing out of an after-school CPD session fired up with enthusiasm to try a new pedagogical strategy. The member of SLT leading the session…

Black History Month – Proud to be

25 September 2021

'Inspired by Black Lives Matter, Black History Month UK are launching a new campaign for Black History Month 2021 called ‘Proud To Be’. The campaign will encourage Black and Brown…

The Story Time trial

22 September 2021

A trial is set to explore which techniques used by teachers when reading stories aloud have the greatest impact on pupil progress. The Story Time Trial, commissioned by the Education…