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Ofsted release summer webinar dates

13 June 2023

This summer Ofsted will be running webinars on: Curriculum and subject leadership (28th June 4-5pm) Early years in schools (3rd July 4-5pm) The first webinar will look at how subject…

A balanced approach to professional development

2 June 2023

Research tells us that one of the most important things we can do to improve pupil outcomes is to continuously develop the quality of teaching and learning (Higgins et al.,…

How will classroom simulators change teacher training?

12 April 2023

For decades, pilots, doctors and astronauts have used simulations of reality to train in high-stakes activities. Research Lead, Dr Sam Sims, explores the potential for digital simulators to support professional…

Free anti-bullying online training

6 February 2023

The Anti-bullying Alliance have developed free CPD-certified anti-bullying online training for anyone that works with children and young people. The following online training courses are available:  What is bullying?  Bullying and…

Moving from performance management to performance development

30 January 2023

Keynote by Chris Moyse “Improve Not Prove”.  Chris will present a compelling argument for the removal of performance management and a case for an alternative that focuses on an individual’s professional growth…

Team Meetings as Team Coaching. A pragmatic, effective solution for sustained CPD

27 March 2022

Tom Sherrington discusses the complications and challenges that arise in building a team of coaches and associated structures needed to engage and sustain coaching. There are three key areas of…

EEF blog: Understanding the relationship between implementation and professional development

11 March 2022

Jonathan Sharples explains how professional development fits into the process of implementing new approaches in the classroom. One of the most striking insights that has emerged from the evidence base…

Five ways to: Do daily review

10 January 2022

It’s now very common practice for teachers to begin a lesson with some form of retrieval practice activity. This is a good, common sense idea – there’s good reason to…

A balanced approach to successful professional development

24 November 2021

Kirstin Mulholland, the EEF’s new maths content specialist, explains the mechanisms from the EEF’s latest guidance report. At a time when high-quality, impactful PD has never been more important, just what…

From What to How: Making Professional Development Make a Difference

20 November 2021

Phil Stock from the Greenshaw Research School discusses how to use the EEF’s Report on Professional Development to shape your own school’s CPD offer. The recent EEF Guidance Report on Effective Professional…

Anti-bullying Alliance free online training

24 October 2021

The Anti-bullying Alliance have developed free CPD-certified anti-bullying online training for anyone that works with children and young people. Training courses include: What is bullying?10 principles to reduce bullying.Responding to…

EEF publishes new guidance on professional development

14 October 2021

School leaders should focus on the key mechanisms of effective professional development – such as goal setting, feedback or revisiting prior learning – when selecting or designing new training for…