Reducing exclusions checklist

10 September 2022

Beacon School Support have produced a free checklist for ensuring every avenue of support has been explored before resorting to permanent exclusion. It has been written to help leaders make…

Statistics: Permanent exclusions and suspensions in England

2 September 2022

The latest national statistics for permanent exclusions and suspensions in England were published on 28th July 2022. They relate to the 2020/21 academic year and include data on: reasons schools…

Searching, screening and confiscation: advice for schools 2022

1 September 2022

The DfE have produced new guidance explaining the powers schools have to screen and search pupils, and to confiscate items they find. The new document comes into force today, 1st…

Behaviour in schools: advice for headteachers and school staff 2022

31 August 2022

The DfE have produced new guidance for schools on behaviour which comes into force from 1st September 2022. This publication provides advice to schools on behaviour in schools and the…

Suspension and permanent exclusion – revised guidance

14 July 2022

This guidance has been updated to be a companion piece to the Behaviour in Schoolsguidance, which provides advice to headteachers, trust leaders and school staff onimplementing a behaviour policy which…

New guidance for improving attendance

11 May 2022

Many school leaders are working hard to improve attendance rates in their schools. The Department for Education (DfE) has released two guidance documents to support schools in their endeavours to…

How would you respond? …when pupils get angry

17 February 2022

Shahana Knight is spotlighting common behaviours or classroom scenarios, looking at why they might occur and how we can respond therapeutically. It is so easy to see a child’s struggle…

Individual approaches needed to improve attendance

9 February 2022

In a new report, Securing good attendance and tackling persistent absence, published on 7th February 2022, Ofsted has stated that appropriate individual support for disadvantaged children, including those with special educational needs…

The Window of Tolerance Animation

16 January 2022

Watch a free 6 minute online video from Beacon House on the Window of Tolerance Find out how a traumatised child swings from fight/flight to freeze/collapse; and what adults can…

School behaviour policy checklist

27 October 2021

This school behaviour policy checklist from Satchel One has been created in line with DfE requirements and is designed to provide you with guidance for what should be included in…

Trauma and insecure attachment behaviour in primary schools: How to respond

20 October 2021

This seven-page free download is written by therapeutic teaching expert Shahana Knight and considers the dos and don'ts of behaviour management in classrooms and schools. She discusses common behaviour and…

Managing behaviour through consequences, not punishment

3 June 2021

Karen Jones, Headteacher at Great Clacton Church of England Junior School in Essex, shares how she changed the behaviour management culture in her school to focus on ‘consequences’ rather than ‘punishments’. Karen…