Trauma and insecure attachment behaviour in primary schools: How to respond

20 October 2021

This seven-page free download is written by therapeutic teaching expert Shahana Knight and considers the dos and don'ts of behaviour management in classrooms and schools. She discusses common behaviour and…

Behaviour Management in the Classroom – free webinar

13 October 2021

Hear from Amy Forrester as she shares her key takeaways on behaviour management. This webinar will focus on practical, evidence informed strategies regarding managing behaviour in the classroom. Amy will cover a…

Managing behaviour through consequences, not punishment

3 June 2021

Karen Jones, Headteacher at Great Clacton Church of England Junior School in Essex, shares how she changed the behaviour management culture in her school to focus on ‘consequences’ rather than ‘punishments’. Karen…

EEF transition tool

22 May 2021

The Education Endowment Foundation has recently released a new  tool to help schools anticipate risk points and build support for pupils. The  'School Transitions Tool' poses reflection questions for school leaders to help…

Children’s Code (data protection)

21 April 2021

The Age Appropriate Design Code, or Children's Code as it is known, is a data protection code of practice for online services, such as apps, online games, and web and social media…

Behaviour experts to support schools with poor discipline

7 April 2021

The Department for Education are funding a £10 million Behaviour Hubs programme to support schools struggling with poor discipline. Heads and behaviour leads from some of England’s highest performing schools…

United Against Bullying

16 November 2020

This week is anti-bullying week 2020 and the theme is United Against Bullying with the idea based upon coming together as communities to fight bullying.  The idea for this theme came from seeing an ever-divided…

EEF: Achieving effective learning behaviours

23 September 2020

What are learning behaviours – and how can schools support pupils to develop them? That's the question tackled in this new blog from the EEF's Learning Behaviours specialist, Kirsten Mould –…