Childline posters

15 October 2021

NSPCC Learning has updated its series of Childline posters encouraging primary and secondary school children to contact Childline if they need to talk. The series includes posters for the Childline…

Managing your school’s online reputation

1 October 2021

The internet and social media provide incredible opportunities for schools to share news about events, activities,learning and much more. But it also allows everyone else to offer their opinions about…

Safeguarding transgender children

20 September 2021

How society thinks and talks about gender has evolved significantly in recent years. It is a developing conversation taking place internally within organisations and more widely in the public sphere.…

KCSiE available in 12 community languages

8 September 2021

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. That's why ALL school staff must read and understand Part 1 of the DfE's statutory guidance Keeping Children Safe in Education. As many…

Safeguarding app to keep you up to date

4 September 2021

SSSQ safeguarding app supports schools in training their staff and keeping everyone's safeguarding knowledge up to date. "Free quizzes to improve the knowledge of safeguarding for all staff and governors."…

Sexual violence and sexual harassment between children in schools

1 September 2021

Advice for schools and colleges on how to prevent and respond to reports of sexual violence and harassment between children. This is for: governing bodies of maintained schools and collegesproprietors…

Reporting and removing nude images

2 July 2021

The NSPCC’s Childline service has launched the Report Remove tool with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). The tool will enable young people under the age of 18 to report a…

Supervision for DSLs

30 June 2021

A trial already running in 30 areas will be extended to up to 10 new local authorities to provide supervision for designated safeguarding leads, working with up to a further…

Safeguarding ‘natter’

18 June 2021

Safeguarding Natter @SGnatter is a twitter account which contains useful clips about safeguarding issues. It is run by Anne Marie Christian @Annmariechild, a safeguarding consultant, and Ceri Stokes @CeriStokes, a designated safeguarding lead.  …

Ofsted review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges

10 June 2021

Ofsted was asked by the government to carry out a rapid review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges. They were asked to report on the following:  Safeguarding and curriculumMulti-agency…

Safeguarding quiz app

19 May 2021

Created by school professionals, SSSQ is a free app containing bite-sized safeguarding quizzes tailored for different staff roles, including governors and lunchtime staff. Individuals can choose relevant quizzes for their role. The…

Social media and cyber-safety infographics

11 May 2021

Online abuse is a major area of concern and cyber-enabled abuse and bullying is inescapable. The Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC)  takes safeguarding very seriously and much of the advice they…