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Free: A guide for educators, families and students on consent.

25 November 2023

Let's talk about consent is a free guide available from The Global Equality Collective, written for parents and carers on how we can teach consent to younger and older children.…

Ofsted blog: How we inspect safeguarding in schools

13 November 2023

In this blog, Ofsted consider safeguarding through the course of an inspection. They explain some of the main activities they undertake and why. You’ll find lots of references to keeping children…

Supporting your pupils to flourish in an increasingly digital world

9 November 2023

There are growing concerns within the sector that the current education system is preparing children for a world that may no longer exist by the time they reach adulthood. What…

Dropping off and picking up before and after school

8 November 2023

Schools have a duty to safeguard children in their care. An important part of this is considering how to ensure that pupils arrive and leave premises safely. Every school should…

UK children and adults to be safer online as world-leading bill becomes law

5 November 2023

Online Safety Act receives Royal Assent putting into law rules to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online. The Online Safety Act received Royal Assent…

How Ofsted inspects safeguarding in schools

2 November 2023

In this new webinar, Ofsted explores: what makes up an effective safeguarding culture; reasons why safeguarding may be ineffective; what might constitute a need for minor improvements; the checks inspectors…

A summary of after-school clubs, community activities and tuition: safeguarding guidance

19 October 2023

The Department for Education (DfE) published non-statutory guidance on ensuring the safety of children in out of school settings in England in 2020. An update to this guidance was published…

How Ofsted inspects safeguarding in schools webinar – New date added

7 October 2023

In this webinar Ofsted will explore what makes for an effective safeguarding culture, reasons why safeguarding may be ineffective, what might constitute a need for minor improvements, the checks they…

Trauma informed practice research

2 October 2023

The government and a youth charity will spend £5.8 million on four projects to examine whether contested trauma-informed practice actually does keep children safe from violence and could lead to…

Safeguarding guidance for extracurricular activities

26 September 2023

After-school activities are vital for pupils' education, offering benefits like improved social skills, exposure to lifelong interests, and valuable new skills. However, since they can involve outside parties, they could…

Sharing information and child protection

19 September 2023

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published new guidance on data protection when sharing information to safeguard children. The need to improve data sharing practices has been highlighted in recent…

The Prevent duty: revised September 2023

12 September 2023

The DfE have revised Prevent duty statutory guidance for England and Wales. The revised version was published on 7th September 2023, with key changes coming into force on 31st December.…

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