Childline posters

15 October 2021

NSPCC Learning has updated its series of Childline posters encouraging primary and secondary school children to contact Childline if they need to talk. The series includes posters for the Childline…

Free guidance documents for parents of EAL learners.

9 October 2021

‘Helping children learn’ & ‘About the English Education system’ are now also available in Dari and Pashto to support Afghan refugees. Download the short, easy to understand guides for parents…

Children are less active – is it bad news for their academic performance?

7 October 2021

On average, the NHS recommends young people aged 5 to 18 to get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. However, a recent survey has found a 40% drop in the number…

Early career framework: how to tackle the workload

3 October 2021

As new teachers and mentors become overwhelmed with the workload around the new ECF, one expert shares his advice on how to relieve the pressure. The introduction of the ECF…

Free bereavement training for teachers

30 September 2021

Did you know that on average, 1 in 29 children will be bereaved of a parent? Bereaved children require support to ensure they can cope with their grief and often…

Promoting and supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools and colleges update

28 September 2021

The DfE has updated the following sections of the document: ‘Whole School or College Approach’, ‘Senior mental health leads training’, ‘Mental Health Support Teams (MHSTs)’ and ‘Mental health and wellbeing resources’ sections.…

Wellbeing webinar

26 September 2021

Bowden Education are holding a series of free 'On the Couch' webinars. Bowden Education's first On The Couch of the academic year, will include range of educationalists with an interest…

Virtual conference: Mental health in schools – where next?

21 September 2021

1 in 10 children reported as having a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder. 70% of children have not had appropriate interventions at an early age. 75% of all education staff…

Access a free mental health planner for schools

9 September 2021

Clare Erasmus has written a new book, The Designated Mental Health Lead Planner, which provides guidance for designated mental health leads to ensure they know what to do, when to do it and how they can achieve the…

Creating better awareness of women’s health in the workplace

11 July 2021

Women make up 75.8% of the teaching workforce.  Supporting wellness for women through huge life events such as menopause and even infertility can increase staff retention and save schools a…

Mental health and wellbeing support in one place

1 July 2021

Mental health and wellbeing support for teachers, school staff and school leaders   The DfE has brought together the information about the various mental health support offers and training available to…

Supervision for DSLs

30 June 2021

A trial already running in 30 areas will be extended to up to 10 new local authorities to provide supervision for designated safeguarding leads, working with up to a further…