Fostering leaders in the Early Years

24 September 2021

Read an open access article from The Chartered College of Teaching from the latest issue of Impact. In this article Polly Crowther and Mona Sakr explore the need for improved…

How Ofsted will inspect Reception classes this year

7 September 2021

Ofsted has set out how its inspections will work in Reception classes once the new early years foundation stage framework launches. John Roberts, writing in TES has highlighted the key…

The reading framework: teaching the foundations of literacy

12 July 2021

The DfE has released a new guidance document for schools to meet existing expectations for teaching early reading. This guidance: focuses on the early stages of teaching reading and the contribution of…

Register for funding for the Nuffield Early Language Intervention

24 June 2021

There is an opportunity for state-funded English schools with Reception pupils to receive the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) at no cost.  The Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) is a programme for…

Register for Nuffield Early Language Intervention

16 May 2021

The EEF has published new data demonstrating the broad reach of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) in its first year of delivery.  The Department for Education has confirmed funding will…

Teaching maths in EYFS

10 May 2021

NCETM have create a range of materials to support Reception teachers in delivering high quality maths lessons. The materials are organised into the following key concepts (not individual objectives), which underpin many early…

FREE monthly maths calendars

3 May 2021

We recently came across these free maths calendars which are basically a Maths question a day for every day of the month. Some days it’s just quite a straight forward question, but…

Early Years Resilience Development

8 February 2021

 nasen has secured further funding from the DfE to extend their work on the Early Years Resilience Development Pack for parents and practitioners. The 58-page resource has been popular with parents and practitioners…

Changes to assessment of EYFSP in 2021

15 January 2021

The Department for Education has updated the guidance relating to the 2021 assessment of the early years foundation stage profile (EYFSP), stating that it will not be mandatory but providers will be required to…

Improving early mathematics

3 January 2021

The Education Endowment Foundation reports that a substantial amount of research on how children learn mathematical concepts has revealed the complexity of mathematical development. Developing a secure grasp of early mathematical ideas takes…