Resource bank directory

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  • Curriculum Analysis Document
  • Force field analysis for curriculum development
  • Monitoring analysis record


  • Audit tool for managing curriculum change
  • Securing progression audit tool
  • Subject Leader Skills Audit and Action Plan
  • Workload audit


  • Curriculum checker grid
  • Explicit Instruction Checklist
  • Online safety calendar


  • A leaders guide to maths mastery (Pearsons)
  • An introduction to attachment
  • CLEAR model coaching techniques, tips and questions
  • Coaching and mentoring principles and guidelines
  • Female health guidelines
  • FUEL model coaching techniques, tips and questions
  • GROW model coaching techniques, tips and questions
  • OSKAR model coaching techniques, tips and questions
  • Model mental health and wellbeing policy and guidelines
  • PE changing guidelines
  • Personal learning and thinking skills framework
  • SEF writing prompts
  • SMART target and action planning guidelines
  • Tips for conducting a challenging conversation


  • Monitoring analysis record
  • Phonics lesson observation form

Reflection Sheets

  • Cognitive load theory reflection sheet
  • Embedding formative assessment reflection and activity sheet
  • Explicit, teacher-led instruction reflection sheet
  • Impactful appraisal reflection sheet
  • Managing people and building influence reflection sheet
  • Memory and long-term learning reflection sheet
  • Retrieval practice reflection sheet
  • Scaffolding learning reflection and activity sheet
  • Subject leadership – monitoring techniques reflection sheet
  • Subject leadership – roles and responsibilities reflection sheet
  • Utilising coaching reflection sheet
  • Why metacognition matters reflection sheet


  • SEF writing prompts
  • Self-evaluating curriculum subjects
  • Skills self-evaluation for teaching assistants
  • Self-evaluation of a school’s coaching culture
  • Self-evaluation of learner engagement
  • Self-evaluation of parental engagement and involvement
  • Self-evaluation of the impact of teaching assistant support
  • Skills self-evaluation for middle and senior leaders
  • Subject review: evaluating the quality of education


  • Staff exit questionnaire
  • Staff exit interview
  • Staff professional development survey
  • Staff wellbeing survey


  • Assessment pro forma
  • Early Years book list by subject
  • Group monitoring and feedback sheet
  • Live marking and feedback tips and ideas
  • Medium term planning format
  • Metacognition questions
  • Online safety calendar
  • Peer critique (assessment) by Jamie Clark
  • Questioning tips and techniques
  • Retrieval practice techniques
  • Whole class feedback sheet


  • 10 minute coaching plan
  • Accessibility Plan template
  • Coaching report template – CLEAR model
  • Coaching report template – FUEL model
  • Coaching report template – GROW model
  • Coaching report template – OSKAR model
  • Communicating your curriculum
  • Equality Objectives template
  • Professional development log

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