Ofsted English curriculum video released

5 September 2022

Ofsted has released their latest curriculum webinar. In this video, Kirsty Godfrey, Senior HMI and Specialist Adviser, talks about the English curriculum, with a particular emphasis on catch-up. The key…

Podcast: Reading and literacy across the primary school

29 June 2022

This podcast episode from Headteacher Update looks at how primary schools can teach reading well and considers the components of effective whole-school reading (and literacy) strategies, looking at how to…

The power of music to change lives: a national plan for music education

28 June 2022

The national plan for music education sets out the government’s vision to enable all children and young people in England to: learn to sing, play an instrument and create music…

Why focus on reading fluency?

5 April 2022

Ensuring every child has the necessary skills they need to read is an essential component of literacy education. It enables children to not only learn across the curriculum but also…

Improving mathematics through spatial thinking

24 March 2022

Spatial thinking matters for mathematics development. In addition to geometry, it is important in understanding number lines, working with pattern, interpreting graphs and using measurements. Also referred to as ​‘spatial reasoning’…

Ofsted’s PE research review published

21 March 2022

On 18th March, Ofsted published their physical education research review which draws upon the education inspection framework (EIF) and other literature, to identify factors that can contribute to a high-quality PE curriculum,…

EEF podcast – Teaching Reading: Developing fluency

16 March 2022

The EEF has released a brand new episode of ​‘Evidence into Action’, a podcast which explores important areas of educational research, and how it is being put into practice in schools. In…

The curriculum as a never-ending story: Some thoughts on curriculum discussions

14 March 2022

Curriculum design can be a daunting and intimidating task for even the most expert subject leader. In this article, Mary Myatt breaks down the fundamentals of curriculum design so middle…

Computing Quality Framework for Schools

10 March 2022

The National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) Computing Quality Framework is intended to help schools review their progress in developing the computing curriculum. The framework takes you through each aspect of…

Top tips for teaching ordinality

2 March 2022

Ordinality, put simply, is where numbers come in the number system and their relationship to each other. But there’s more to it than that… What is ordinality? A helpful definition…

Sky Arts week

27 February 2022

Sky Arts are launching Access All Arts, a nationwide arts week for primary schools from 6th - 10th June. You don’t need any prior experience of teaching art or any…

Ofsted: What to expect on a primary deep dive – some guidance for subject leaders

6 February 2022

This blog looks at the way Ofsted inspects education, from early years to schools and the further education and skills sector. It will update you on developments and feature current…

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