Role of a subject link governor

17 October 2021

A link governor is a governor appointed by the governing body to act as the link or liaison between the governing body and a specific subject, curriculum area or aspect…

Developing maths vocabulary

16 October 2021

One of the key strategies for developing mathematical language is simple: start early. Children in EYFS should be taught key mathematical language using examples with lots of opportunities to say…

Curriculum prioritisation in primary maths

8 October 2021

A term by term framework to support planning and teaching in 2021/22 This resource provides coherent sequencing for the primary maths curriculum. It draws together the DfE guidance on curriculum…

How to choose a phonics programme

29 September 2021

Gordon Askew, founder and chair of the English Hubs Council and phonics adviser to the DfE from 2010 - 2020 has written a useful article, published on exploring what…

Panel of experts to shape the future of music education

6 September 2021

Press release: Department for Education  A team of experts has been assembled to help shape the future of music education so that all pupils have the opportunity to sing, and…

The reading framework: teaching the foundations of literacy

12 July 2021

The DfE has released a new guidance document for schools to meet existing expectations for teaching early reading. This guidance: focuses on the early stages of teaching reading and the contribution of…

Blog: Phonics – mastering the basics

7 July 2021

Caroline Bilton has written a blog for the EEF: 'Learning to read is one of the most formative phases of a child’s school experience and it lays the foundations for…

Non-statutory guidance for education recovery

5 July 2021

The DfE has published non-statutory guidance entitled, Teaching a broad and balanced curriculum for education recovery, which offers suggestions to help schools decide how to prioritise elements within their curriculum for education recovery.…

Letters and Sounds not fit for purpose

18 May 2021

The Department for Education has announced that Letters and Sounds, the free phonics teaching programme rolled out across schools as part of the Communication, Language and Literacy (CLL) programme for the…

Webinar: Ofsted deep dive into geography

17 May 2021

The Royal Geographical Society will be hosting a webinar with Iain Freeland, HMI and Ofsted’s subject lead for geography, on 9th November 2021 from 5.00 p.m. until 6.30 p.m.  During this FREE…

Ofsted blog: Geography in outstanding primary schools.

15 May 2021

Iain Freeland HMI, Ofsted's subject lead for geography, has written a report following 23 geography subject inspections in outstanding primary schools. The strengths include: Overall, curriculum planning was well thought through, and…

EEF blog: supporting science curriculum planning

7 May 2021

In a recent EEF blog, Dr. Kaiser introduces the new Best Evidence in Science Teaching (BEST) resources designed to support teachers with curriculum planning. She goes on to say that,…