GeogPod chats to HMI for Geography

28 March 2021

This week, John Lyon chats to Ofsted's Iain Freeland, Her Majesty's Inspector and National Lead for Geography.  Iain talks through his career path so far and some of things Ofsted are looking for…

Teaching music in schools

26 March 2021

The DfE has produced guidance for schools to help teach music from key stage 1 to 3 and progress pupils through the national curriculum.  This guidance: sets out a model of how the…

Curriculum prioritisation in primary maths

18 March 2021

NCETM have provided advice to primary schools regarding what the curriculum should focus on for the rest of this academic year. Plans will need to take into account the disruption to…

New geography resources for primary schools

23 February 2021

The Geographical Association have recently revised a lot of the support for primary teachers on their website. The dedicated section of their website supports teachers and geography subject leaders to…

Doug Lemov inspired reading spine

15 February 2021

In this article, Claire Jones reveals how her primary school developed a consistent whole-school approach to reading that will prepare pupils for university. Overhauling the way we taught reading had…

Free grammar resources from Englicious

30 January 2021

Englicious provides an entirely free online library of original English language teaching resources, especially for teaching children about grammar. The library of resources includes lesson plans, exercises, videos and assessment materials.…

Calendar of historical anniversaries

20 January 2021

Historical anniversaries can be a great way to get children and young people interested in a subject or to raise awareness about a particular issue. The Historical Association have created…

Mary Myatt’s free geography webinar planning session

18 January 2021

Mary Myatt is hosting a free webinar on Thursday 21st January at 4.00 p.m. where she will be drafting a geography unit from early years across KS1 and KS2, taking three books to…

Free videos to support lesson delivery

11 January 2021

ClickView provides video content resources for British primary schools, secondary schools and further education settings. Schools can subscribe to this service, but in response to COVID-19 school closures, ClickView have given schools free access…

Improving early mathematics

3 January 2021

The Education Endowment Foundation reports that a substantial amount of research on how children learn mathematical concepts has revealed the complexity of mathematical development. Developing a secure grasp of early mathematical ideas takes…

Boost your geography subject knowledge

28 December 2020

The Geographical Association has created a new webinar series to explore the underpinning knowledge, stereotypes and misconceptions in 10 key areas of the primary geography curriculum that can be challenging to teach and learn. The 7-session course, which…

Refresh your maths subject knowledge

15 December 2020

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics has created six professional development units which will boost the mathematical subject knowledge of both experienced teachers and those at the start of their…