DfE update: PE and sport premium for primary schools

10 November 2022

The DfE guidance document: PE and sport premium for primary schools has been updated to include revised payment dates for 2022 to 2023 and provide clarification on sustainable improvements and…

Updated – Data protection: privacy notice model documents

29 September 2022

Suggested privacy notices for schools and local authorities to issue to staff, parents and pupils about the collection of data. The government has updated its model privacy notices for: pupilsschool…

Equality Duty compliance

18 July 2022

As part of the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) schools are required to have 'due regard' to the need to: eliminate discrimination and other conduct that is prohibited by the…

School-led tutoring year-end statement

3 July 2022

Guidance for schools, academies, independent special schools, local authorities and virtual school heads on completing the year-end statement for the SLT grant has been published. This guidance is for: schoolsacademiesindependent…

School websites: common errors and top tips

19 June 2022

Your website is a vital window into your school – for both parents and school inspectors – and there a number of requirements for what it must contain. Craig McKee…

DfE: new guidance on political impartiality in schools

17 February 2022

Why is it so important teachers are politically impartial? Everyone has their own views on particular subjects and issues and teachers are no different, but it is important that teachers…

School uniform statutory guidance

23 November 2021

Statutory guidance relating to the Education (Guidance About Costs of School Uniform) Bill, published on 19th November states that schools must keep uniform costs down and ensure second-hand uniforms are…

Alternative provision and unregulated schools

8 November 2021

There has been a reported rise in the number of primary-aged pupils in alternative provision. For children struggling in mainstream schools there are high-quality state-funded pupil referral units and good independent…

Carried forward unspent PE and sport premium grant funding

3 November 2021

As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the DfE relaxed the ring-fencing arrangements for the PE and sport premium in the 2019 to 2020 academic year, to allow any…

Schools told to report on catch-up tutoring efforts, Tes reports

1 November 2021

According to Catherine Lough, reporter at Tes, schools have been ordered to submit performance data on how they are spending school-led catch-up tutoring grants from the first week back after…

Recovery premium funding guidance

10 September 2021

The DfE published a document entitled Recovery Premium Funding, which outlines the additional funding available in the 2021 to 2022 academic year to support schools with education recovery following COVID-19. …

List of statutory policies for schools

3 September 2021

As the new academic year begins, it is worth cross referencing your policies with the DfE's statutory list. Most changes relate to the change in terminology from newly qualified teacher…