Structure and function of the science curriculum: key insights from Ofsted’s research review

12 October 2021

Ofsted have published a presentation from Jasper Green HMI, the subject lead for science, on the structure and function of the science curriculum. Click here to view or download the…

EEF blog: Working with schemas and why it matters to teachers

11 October 2021

Assistant Headteacher Hydeh Fayaz explains the importance of working with schemas in supporting pupil learning. Findings from cognitive science can offer useful insights for teachers in every classroom. In the…

Ensuring you keep retrieval practice low stakes in the classroom

10 October 2021

A recent research study explored both beneficial and detrimental effects of testing as a learning strategy, wanting to answer the following question: is retrieval practice a double-edged sword? Here’s why it…

Children are less active – is it bad news for their academic performance?

7 October 2021

On average, the NHS recommends young people aged 5 to 18 to get at least 60 minutes of exercise per day. However, a recent survey has found a 40% drop in the number…

Webinar: Exploring the EEF’s Updated Teaching & Learning Toolkit

6 October 2021

Understanding the most recent updates including accessibility, research and validity of research. Join Staffordshire research school for a free 1 hour, remote session about the updated EEF’s flagship Teaching and Learning…

EEF has updated its toolkit

19 September 2021

The Education Endowment Foundation has launched an updated version of their flagship resource, the Teaching and Learning Toolkit. The Toolkit is designed to support teachers and school leaders who are looking…

Blog: Prequestioning

18 September 2021

'Prequestioning can be an effective pedagogical strategy to support learning'. 'Whilst the well-documented positive effects of retrieval practice have quite rightly received a lot of attention in recent years, prequestioning seems…

Guide for parents: transition to secondary school

25 June 2021

Supporting children's transition to secondary school is an evidence-based guidance for parents and carers, written with input from clinicians at the Anna Freud Centre and teachers. This short guide provides tips about how…

Teacher feedback to improve pupil learning

17 June 2021

The Education Endowment Foundation has produced a guidance report containing six recommendations for using teacher feedback to improve pupil learning: Lay the foundations for effective feedbackDeliver appropriately timed feedback that…

Ofsted: Geography research review published

17 June 2021 Ofsted has published the fifth in a series of reviews into different subjects across the curriculum, and the latest looks at geography.    Click here to access the research review.…

Second lockdown set learning loss back to the autumn

2 June 2021

Writing in TES, Amy Gibbons reports that the second full national lockdown at the start of the spring term regressed primary pupils' learning loss back to levels recorded at the start of the autumn…

Ofsted’s RE research review published

24 May 2021

Ofsted has identified the key principles of teaching a ‘high-quality’ religious education (RE) curriculum in its latest research review. Reporting in Schools Week, James Carr has summarised the key pieces of advice. 1.…