Physical Development: Wheely good?

6 May 2023

Cycling has become de rigueur. It came as a surprise, to learn that not all early years settings are fans of having bikes. In fact, some have got rid of…

IDSR updated – includes MTC results

5 May 2023

Ofsted's Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) was updated on 4th May 2023 with your school's final Key Stage 2 results for the 2022 testing cycle which includes the multiplication tables…

Top 10 tips for… sustainable school food

5 May 2023

Last year’s School report research (Pearson, 2022), two-thirds of the headteachers surveyed said they were taking steps to be more sustainable and eco-friendly by 2024. If we know that what we eat…

Effective questioning in the classroom: Three types

4 May 2023

A fundamental tool of an effective teacher is good questioning technique. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways to not only improve understanding of a topic or…

Schools in England to benefit from major funding boost

3 May 2023

Every state school in England is to receive a cash boost, as primary and secondary schools are allocated extra funding for the next academic year. The additional cash is part…

2022 national curriculum assessments: lessons learnt

2 May 2023

Since summer 2022, STA and Capita have been conducting work to: identify lessons learnt from the issues which arose in the 2022 assessments test cycle for schools, trusts and local…

SENDCO guide: Primary/secondary transition

1 May 2023

SEN support should include planning and preparation for the transitions betweenphases of education and preparation for adult life. To support transition, the school should share information with the school, college…

Challenge for all: 40 benchmarks for schools

30 April 2023

Free live webinar; open to all schools3.45-5.00pm, Thursday 4 May To mark NACE’s 40th anniversary, this free live webinar will launch 40 benchmarks for schools which highlight effective provision for…

Neurodiversity Network

29 April 2023

The Springfields Academy are launching a free Neurodiveristy Network. Neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals welcome. Hear lived experiences and join in the discussion. Neurodiversity Network Understanding, including and accepting all neurotypes…

Spaces for wellbeing programme: Barnardo’s Education Community

28 April 2023

Barnardo's Education Community have a range of recorded staff wellbeing resources available on demand. The Spaces for Wellbeing programme is focused on staff wellbeing and is designed to 'provide inspiration…

ADHD in children – How to recognise the signs and put strategies in place in Early Years

27 April 2023

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a neurological condition caused by ineffective functioning of the neurotransmitters in the frontal lobe of the brain. These neurotransmitters are those that regulate…

EEF blog: What exactly is explicit instruction?

26 April 2023

In this blog, Gary explores explicit instruction, a high impact teaching strategy for all pupils, including those with SEND. Explicit teaching can sometimes be caricatured as ​‘chalk and talk’, with the onus on…