Removing barriers in free school meal uptake

21 October 2021

There are still a number of barriers that put children and families off applying for, and taking up, free school meals. Research has highlighted that some families simply do not…

Trauma and insecure attachment behaviour in primary schools: How to respond

20 October 2021

This seven-page free download is written by therapeutic teaching expert Shahana Knight and considers the dos and don'ts of behaviour management in classrooms and schools. She discusses common behaviour and…

Key changes to teachers’ pay and conditions

18 October 2021

The new version of the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) is valid from 1st September 2021, with all changes applying retrospectively.  The main changes are: There is a consolidated grant…

Role of a subject link governor

17 October 2021

A link governor is a governor appointed by the governing body to act as the link or liaison between the governing body and a specific subject, curriculum area or aspect…

Developing maths vocabulary

16 October 2021

One of the key strategies for developing mathematical language is simple: start early. Children in EYFS should be taught key mathematical language using examples with lots of opportunities to say…

Childline posters

15 October 2021

NSPCC Learning has updated its series of Childline posters encouraging primary and secondary school children to contact Childline if they need to talk. The series includes posters for the Childline…

EEF publishes new guidance on professional development

14 October 2021

School leaders should focus on the key mechanisms of effective professional development – such as goal setting, feedback or revisiting prior learning – when selecting or designing new training for…

Behaviour Management in the Classroom – free webinar

13 October 2021

Hear from Amy Forrester as she shares her key takeaways on behaviour management. This webinar will focus on practical, evidence informed strategies regarding managing behaviour in the classroom. Amy will cover a…

Structure and function of the science curriculum: key insights from Ofsted’s research review

12 October 2021

Ofsted have published a presentation from Jasper Green HMI, the subject lead for science, on the structure and function of the science curriculum. Click here to view or download the…

EEF blog: Working with schemas and why it matters to teachers

11 October 2021

Assistant Headteacher Hydeh Fayaz explains the importance of working with schemas in supporting pupil learning. Findings from cognitive science can offer useful insights for teachers in every classroom. In the…

Ensuring you keep retrieval practice low stakes in the classroom

10 October 2021

A recent research study explored both beneficial and detrimental effects of testing as a learning strategy, wanting to answer the following question: is retrieval practice a double-edged sword? Here’s why it…

Free guidance documents for parents of EAL learners.

9 October 2021

‘Helping children learn’ & ‘About the English Education system’ are now also available in Dari and Pashto to support Afghan refugees. Download the short, easy to understand guides for parents…

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