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Ofsted’s school inspection update: autumn 2023

27 September 2023

Watch a recording of Ofsted's webinar summarising the updates to the school inspection handbook for maintained schools and academies including: safeguarding, early monitoring inspections, inspection timings, leadership and governance and…

Safeguarding guidance for extracurricular activities

26 September 2023

After-school activities are vital for pupils' education, offering benefits like improved social skills, exposure to lifelong interests, and valuable new skills. However, since they can involve outside parties, they could…

Free webinar: Early career teachers and EAL

25 September 2023

Nearly one in five learners in England today are multilingual, yet a recent report from the Department for Education (DfE), "Working lives of teachers and leaders" (April 2023), found that…

Ofsted – Best start in life part 2: the 3 prime areas of learning

24 September 2023

Ofsted have published the second in their series of early years research reviews. The report explores the importance of developing young children's knowledge and skills in the 3 prime areas…

Parent apathy on attendance laid bare

23 September 2023

The Covid pandemic has caused a “seismic shift in parental attitudes to school attendance” that will take a “monumental, multi-service effort to change”, according to new research. Public First held focus…

Ofsted: Geography subject report

22 September 2023

Ofsted's new subject report is now published, looking at how geography is being taught in England's schools. This report explores common strengths and weaknesses in the geography education seen in…

Covid recovery scheme boosts children’s language development

21 September 2023

Children in Reception who took part in a Covid catch-up programme made four additional months’ progress in their language development compared to pupils who did not participate, a study suggests. The Nuffield Early…

Using number lines in KS2

20 September 2023

NCETM explore how number lines can be used at KS2 to support children to develop a greater understanding of the linear number system and prepare them for secondary maths. In…

Sharing information and child protection

19 September 2023

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published new guidance on data protection when sharing information to safeguard children. The need to improve data sharing practices has been highlighted in recent…

Parent partnerships training pilot – get involved

18 September 2023

Anna Freud in collaboration with the co-founders of the PEARS family school have developed an introductory course on how to work collaboratively with parents and carers individually or in parent groups. …

Addressing emotionally-based school avoidance

17 September 2023

Emotionally-based school avoidance is a term referring to reduced or nonattendance at school by a child or young person. Rather than the term ‘school refusal’, the term Emotionally-Based School Avoidance…

Understanding AI for School: tips for school leaders

16 September 2023

Teacher Development Trust (TDT) has collaborated with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) to produce a new free guide for school leaders, “Understanding AI for School: tips for…

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