Attainment data – what every school leader needs to know

1 December 2022

Data expert James Pembroke drills down into how progress will be measured from KS1 assessments. As pupils returned to school at the start of September, the Department for Education published an…

Proactive wellbeing coaching: How to support yourself & your team

30 November 2022

In school we have many factors which have an impact on pupil and staff wellbeing: Isolation: How many staffrooms are empty these days? The lack of social interaction by some…

Hundreds of formerly outstanding schools reinspected

29 November 2022

Ofsted has recently published a commentary explaining that over 80% (308) of outstanding primary and secondary schools exempt from routine inspection that had a graded inspection last year did not retain the…

Multiplication tables check attainment data 2022

28 November 2022

The latest statistics on the attainment of pupils in the 2022 multiplication tables check have been released. There is no expected standard in the multiplication tables check, but higher scores indicate…

Changes to key stage 2 assessment dates in 2023

27 November 2022

An additional bank holiday in honour of the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III will take place on Monday 8th May 2023. As this date had previously been announced as…

EEF podcast: evidence informed leadership

27 November 2022

The EEF has published the latest episode of their podcast, ​‘Evidence into Action’, focusing on evidence informed leadership. In this instalment, hosts Alex Quigley and, EEF Senior Content Manager, Kirsten Mould,…

Safeguarding – don’t leave it too late

26 November 2022

Schools tend to focus on the big incidents but need also to be mindful regarding low-level concerns. When we think of safeguarding issues a litany of major worries - including…

What is the difference between short-term, working and long-term memory?

25 November 2022

Our memory is the centre of all learning. It stores and processes any knowledge we need to learn or use in the future. However, it’s made up of several sections,…

Bullying and mental health: impact and interventions

24 November 2022

This podcast from the Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health discusses bullying in children and adolescents. The podcast provides: insights into the definition of bullying how prevalent bullying is…

Beyond the labels: A SEND system which works for every child, every time

23 November 2022

The Children’s Commissioner for England has published a paper setting out ambitions for ensuring children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are supported effectively by the system. This paper…

Early years: Ofsted research review

22 November 2022

Ofsted has published the first in a series of research reviews into early years education in England - Best start in life part 1: setting the scene. This review examines…

Build the next generation of budding entrepreneurs 

21 November 2022

Encouraging children to embrace their entrepreneurial skills, and making them happier about money, will help them succeed later in life. Make £5 Grow does just that. It's a fun, engaging…

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