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Why poetry?

19 January 2022

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks - Plutarch Dr Virginia Bower discusses the value of poetry and how it can influence our lives in powerful and…

School recovery strategies: year 1 findings

18 January 2022

Schools’ approaches to education recovery in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The DfE have published a research report detailing the interim findings from a mixed methods study. Aiming to…

Choosing a phonics teaching programme

17 January 2022

By ensuring high-quality phonics teaching the government wants to improve literacy levels to: give all children a solid base upon which to build as they progress through schoolhelp children to…

The Window of Tolerance Animation

16 January 2022

Watch a free 6 minute online video from Beacon House on the Window of Tolerance Find out how a traumatised child swings from fight/flight to freeze/collapse; and what adults can…

Educate Against Hate – Prevent Radicalisation and Extremism

14 January 2022

The website, Educate Against Hate, contains government advice and trusted resources for schools to safeguard students from radicalisation, build resilience to all types of extremism and promote shared values. The Home Office website includes practical…

Sepsis – Resources for schools (UK Sepsis Trust)

12 January 2022

Approximately 25,000 children are affected by sepsis in the UK each year. To raise awareness, the UK Sepsis Trust (UKST) has developed a bank of PSHE resources for schools so…

Five ways to: Do daily review

10 January 2022

It’s now very common practice for teachers to begin a lesson with some form of retrieval practice activity. This is a good, common sense idea – there’s good reason to…

Ofsted webinar on early reading

9 January 2022

Ofsted have released a pre-recorded webinar led by Shazia Akram, about the importance of early reading and what inspectors look at on inspection. Click here to access the webinar on…

Effective teachers and teaching in the primary classroom

8 January 2022

What does great primary school teaching look like? How can we develop effective teachers and teaching in the primary classroom? In this podcast, experts offer practical advice as well as…

Help the National Portrait Gallery develop their schools offer

7 January 2022

National Portrait Gallery is looking for teachers to help develop their schools offer. The National Portrait Gallery is looking for teachers – secondary art, secondary history, primary school and teachers…

How (and why) to get your child to read more

6 January 2022

Reading is an essential skill that contributes to the development of literacy comprehension skills, communication skills, and overall academic performance. However, young people today are reading fewer books for pleasure compared to…

Dual coding – how can it be used in Languages

5 January 2022

Teachers spend a lot of their time planning and designing engaging resources for our pupils. ‘What is the purpose of these resources?’ At the heart of learning is the imparting…